Ihre Schwarz-Parker-Nummer

+49 (0)8762 - 737 74 81

Pünktlich, zuverlässig und sicher vom ersten bis zum letzten Flieger







At what time does the first shuttle leave in the morning?

Our first shuttle in the morning leaves at 4:00 am to guarante that our customeers are able to reach the first flights departing at 5:50 am. Make sure to be at the parking area at about 3:45 am, so that there is enough time to pay and park your car before the shuttle leaves at the sceduled time.

Until what time in the evening do we pick up customers at the Munich Airport?

We are picking up our customers until the last flight has landed, eaven if the flight is delayed.

Is the shuttle transfer additionally charged?

No, the shuttle is included in the booking price and there will be no extra charges.

Does your shuttle leave at specific times?

Generally yes, we operate a shuttle system where a shuttle is leaving every 20 Minutes, but it leaves according to your needs "just-in-time".


Do I need a booking?

Yes, because we can only guarantee a parking lot and a shuttle to your terminal if you have a booking.


Which payment options do I have?

Cash, cash card (+1%), and credit card (+3%)


What happens at an early or late departure respectively arrival?

After the online booking every customer receives the phone number +49 (0) 152 55 67 888 7 under which the necessary short-short term change can be adjusted on the day of arrival or departure. This guarantees the ability to react flexibly to postponements in the interest of the customer.


Is the parking area SCHWARZ PARKER safe?

Yes, it is! Our parking area is kept under surveillance 24/7 by several HD-SD video-cameras. You can enjoy your trip without having to worry about the security of your car.

Is it possible to extend the parking duration?

Yes, it is. Should you wish to change something please inform us as early as possible via phone or e-mail.

What do I have to pay if I cancel my booking?

Schwarz-Parker gives the customer the right to cancel at any time. A cancellation is free of charge if a reversible parking lot was requested and the cancellation is done by letter or e-mail at latest 48 hours before the begin of the journey. In case of a later cancellation Schwarz-Parker is eligible to raise a fixed rate of 100 % of the booking price.

I did not receive a confirmation of my reservation, what can I do?

Please check your spam folder as our e-mails sometimes end up there. If you can not find it there, please contact us under info@schwarz-parker.de and our Schwarz-Parker team will do their best to help you.

What does SSL encryption mean?

SSL encryption (Secur Socke Layer) is an encryption protocol which is used for data transmissions on the Internet, for example in our case when transmitting the customer data when transferring the completed booking form from them via the Internet to us.The specified data are either encrypted themselves, or transmitted via an encrypted connection on the Internet, so that the data can be safely transmitted and protected against unwanted access and manipulation by third parties.

AT THE  MUNICH AIRPORT - check-in, luggage and more

When is it possible to check-in?

The check-in counters are usually opened two hours before the departure, some airlines open their counters even earlier.

Also some airlines offer a special service, the online check-in and a check-in the evening before the departure. Further information regarding this topic can be found on the website of your airline.

Is it possible to check-in the evening before?

Some airlines offer their customers the possibility to check-in conveniently the evening before the flight, but not all of them to the same rules and times. Please inform yourself on the website of your airline or use the website of the Munich Airport concerning online-check-in.

When does the check-in end?

We are sorry, but it is not possible for us to make a statement to this question. Every airline is dealing with this differently, sometimes even the booked ticket-type, class and credit card-type is influencing this. You can inform yourself in the terms of your airline.

After my arrival the luggage did not come or was damaged, what should I do?

Call us immediately so our shuttle driver is able to arrange a later tranfer. Inside the security area you have to go to the "lost & found" counter and make your notification personally.