Pünktlicher, zuverlässiger und sicherer Transfer




Our park- and shuttle-service is available 24/7, 365 days a year

- there are NO shuttles leaving from the parking area to the airport

between midnight and 4:00 am!

We offer child seats for free and transport pets and bulky luggage 

(bikes, skiing equipment, etc.) without any additional charges.




Book our low-price valet-service. We take over your car directly at

your departure terminal at the Munich Airport and transfer it safely

to your reserved parking lot at our parking area.

After your arrival we hand over your car, again directly at your arrival

terminal at the airport, so you can leave conveniently and without

losing any time.





You have booked a parking lot at our parking area and are looking for

a place to stay beachse you have to be at the airport Munich early in

the morning? Or do you land late in the evening after a stressful time of

traveling and do not want to go home right away?
Then, in addition to the car park, you can book an overnight stay in the

immediate vicinity of our parking lot with one of our partners.


- You can stay there, come to the carpark in the morning and we will take

you to your departure terminal


- Or you can relax overnight after your pick up, and after you have picked

up your vehicle at our parking area, and start travelling home the next day


If you are interested in an overnight stay in the immediate vicinity of our

parking lot, you can use this link to contact one of our partners to book an

overnight stay.



  • free shuttle
  • free transport of bulky luggage (surf board, bicycle, ...)
  • air-conditioned and spacious shuttles
  • up to 4 people without additional payment
  • pets without additional payment
  • optional valet parking
  • child safety seats sizes 0/1/2/3
  • insured transfers





  • no key disposal necessary
  • secure booking with SSL-encryption
  • 12 min to the Munich Airport
  • easy to find (several directions)
  • protected area
  • 24/7 "HD-SD" video surveillance
  • illuminated parking area
  • free safe
  • restroom
  • baby care room
  • free emergency starting
  • free tea(winter) / water(Summer)
  • machine for hot beverages
  • machine for cold drinks
  • XXL parking lots
  • lounge with various services
  • free WIFI
  • contact to a glas specialist
  • contact to hotels etc. for overnight stays



(All prices are limited in time, the vehicle condition on delivery is decisive for the end result)



Interior and exterior vehicle cleaning  79, - € incl. taxes

- gentle outdoor surface cleaning, rim cleaning, cleaning of the door trim edges and the loading edge trunk
- hoovering the interior vehicle incl. seats, floor, mats and trunk
- cleaning the dashboard, door trim, center console
- cleaning of all windows outside and inside, including all mirrors outside and inside



Exterior car wash   18,- € incl. taxes

- gentle surface cleaning
- cleaning the door trim edges, the loading edge of the luggage compartment
- cleaning the front and side windows, including the exterior mirrors


Exterior car wash XL   39,- € incl. taxes

- complete cleaning of the varnish surface with removal of insect residues, bird droppings, tree resin
- cleaning the rims, wheel arches, door sills and load sill trunk
- gentle drying by hand including cleaning of the front and side windows as well as the exterior mirrors


Refreshing of the varnish   starting from 119,- € incl. taxes (extra charges for SUV and Vans 20,- € )

- includes the premium car wash
- machine polish of the varnish surface with an anti-hologram polish
- removal of fine scratches (like car wash scrapers)
- final varnish sealant with carnuba wax and care of the plastic parts outside and tire care / rubber care



Interior car cleaning   65,- € incl. taxes

- hoovering the vehicle interior including seats, floor mats and trunk
- cleaning the fittings, door trim, center console
- cleaning of all windows from the inside incl. the inside mirror


Intensive spot removal   PER SEAT   25,- € incl. taxes

- cleaning of the seat using a washer-extractor for a low-fiber cleaning and a complete stain removal as far as possible


Intensive leather care   59,- € incl. taxes

- complete cleaning of the leather seats with subsequent care so that the leather regains its original elasticity, as well as a fresher color and a pleasant, light leather smell




If you have any questions or for further information or offers, please contact our partner directly under the cell phone number +49 151 14111889 or visit the website of Fahrzeugpflege Huber

(All prices are limited in time, the vehicle condition on delivery is decisive for the end result)



If you do not have time to fill up your gas after your arrival, just use our gas service! We are happy to fill up your gas during your absence for an extra charge of 10,00 € so you can leave immediately after we dropped you off at your car.





Forget about difficult parking situations! Our extra-wide parking lots allow you to park conveniently and unload your car without any difficulties.




Your waiting period during a car repair has never been this relaxed: MOT, exhaust analysis or other necessary repairs on your car can be arranged by us while you are travelling. You can be sure to receive a completely functional car after your arrival which will bring you home safely.


We only confirm this premium service after you got in contact with us by phone!





Do you have a crack or chipping in the windshield or a glass damage on the side or rear window?

We offer you the opportunity to take care of the damage during your holiday / business trip. Our glass service partner takes care of the damages or exchanges the complete windshield.

1) Book a parking lot at our company
2) Contact our glass service specialist using the link below, and get in contact with him directly to discuss all questions regarding type of damage, vehicle data and the details regarding the handling with the insurance company
3) Come to the parking lot as usual and hand over the car with keys and we shuttle you to the airport
4) After you landing, we hand back your vehicle and keys after we transfered you back to the parking area

              MOBILE CAR-GLAZING




All prices are incl. VAT (taxes)